My name is Caroline, I’m 28 and I’m Head of Marketing in a hotel near Annecy in France. Furthermore, I am passionate about photography and travels. These two passions allowed me to write this travel blog to share my good tips around the world.

Why this blog ?

Since 2011, I had 4 different blogs but since last July, I’ve decided to put everything in this new one. The idea is to show you great cities and countries that worth it. My goal is to facilitate your preparation before a trip with selecting for you the best places to sleep, to eat, to visit…

Each time, I try to describe my experience with a lot of details and comments so that you can have your own idea of the prices and the location.

Of course, you can find some information on the internet or thanks to travel guides but here I guarantee true explanations with photos and videos. I also put direct links to the places to help you saving time.

The destinations :

This goes to classical destinations such as Paris, London and New York ; to exotic with Thaïland and Myanmar. Without forgetting Europe with Split, Majorque, Lausanne, Venice  and many others…

I am from Annecy that is why you will find detailed pages about this wonderful city globally known for its lake surrounded by mountains. For those who like to ski, I also have a page devoted to ski resorts.

Travel organisation :

On the other hand, I am also taking care of organizing your next holidays depending on your expectations. With my numerous trips, I’ve gained this skill. If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact me. Furthermore, I can also plan “surprise weekend” where you don’t know in advance where you will go. Of course, everything is planned according to your desires and budget.

How can you be published on this blog ?

For those of you who want to be published on this blog, please contact me by mail at Several solutions are possible to communicate and increase your visibility online. I am using the social networks as well such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter. As a result, I can touch a wider audience.