Social Networks :

Nowadays, social networks are part of our daily lives. They have deeply changed our manners of communication. This is instantaneous and everybody can now post photos or mood thanks to these new channels. As far as I am concerned, I am using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter et Snapchat in order to show you great places around the world.

Facebook :

Let’s start with my Facebook page : Biche Around The World. On Facebook, I share photos and albums about the hotels and destinations. I also put links when there is a flash sale for instance about an airline company. The idea is to touch a lot of people so that they can use the info.

Furthermore, on Facebook, you will be able to win nights in hotels, dinners, activities if you share the info and if you invite your friends to follow me.


Instagram :

I am also one Instagram with Biche Around The World. In March 2017, I have more than 7000 followers. On this platform, I am posting photos and videos of my trips. All the good places are there and you will find them easily thanks to the hashtags.


Twitter :

On Twitter, my name is @BicheWorld. I am using it to share news related to travel and to publish photos and articles from my blog.


Snapchat :

Finally, you can follow me on Snapchat under the name Biche Around The World. With this app, you can see me live when I am travelling. You have to check it quite often as the photos disappear after 24h.